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About Us

The Coollink was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing highly specialized information technology services to the financial sector


Coollink uses the most recent technologies to ensure the best innovative IT solutions, specifically designed for financial institutions and, in particular, for organizations specialized in Capital Markets, Portfolio Management and Investment Banking.


To empower Financial Institutions with the best innovative and technical solutions, Coollink combines the higly specialized IT and Financial knowledge, with a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals on these areas.

Our Values

We believe that only the commitment and the strong experience of many years in the industry, enables Coollink to present a true differential offer on IT solutions that create added value for each client.

Main Features

As a multifunctional platform, we highlight the following features

  • Financial Products

    Management and parameterization of financial products

  • Client Management

    Complete client management features

  • Risk Management

    Risk management of investor profile, risk monitoring of the portfolio of the investor's investment and return on investment analysis

  • Reporting

    Automated reporting systems to customers and to the supervisory authorities

  • Portfolio Management

    Allocations, rebalancing and monitoring of investment portfolios management areas

  • Customizations

    Customization, calculation and control of fees and commissions of the various stakeholders

A universe of solutions

Coolbiz Backffice is an integrated Core Banking Solution, designed to help financial institutions offer banking services in several markets segments.
Built for high performance, it allows real time queries and interfaces with other applications. It is a customizable and scalable solution.
Coolbiz covers all core banking operations and life cycle management of products, risk and compliance processes, regulator reports, CRM, among others.
Coolbiz Frontoffice is a fully integrated trading platform, built on pioneering technologies.
This solutions is intended for both professional and non-professional clients, providing a complete, efficient and dynamic order management system and multi-market real time market data feed dissemination using LVQ’s concept.
It is a performance based platform.
Coollink, Lda.

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